BIN is a container / trolley brand specializing in waste treatment system developed by NAACO from 2016 to Vietnam market.

Products bearing BIN brand name are made entirely from high quality GRP composite materials.

With more than 20 years experience, NAACO applies modern technology, advanced production methods to create BIN product lines with outstanding quality from design, aesthetics, impact resistance to aging durability.

BIN is a great choice for residential and public cleanup projects because of the convenience of users.

BIN contributes to clean and green for our living environment.


BIN has 6 basic colors used flexibly for waste / waste sorting purposes. In addition, customers can choose colors that match the needs of gifts and donations (however, the order must have a minimum number).


On the outside, Gelcoat-coated products are   specialized for outdoor products, resistant to UV rays and environmental aging agents.

BIN is resistant to corrosion of chemicals produced in waste and surrounding environments such as sea water, salt and other chemicals. The product is durable with harsh environmental conditions.

BIN is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced Composite material (GRP), has high mechanical strength, good impact resistance and is more durable than traditional material but very light because it is  100% GRP.

Smart-sized products help stand strong winds, can hold a lot of large-sized waste without occupying much area.

The lid has an open aperture that is easy to use and prevents garbage from falling out.