On October 22, 2014, Naaco and Alsynite signed a joint statement on cooperation in the operation of Composite F.R.P. Representatives of Alsynite Company New Zealand and representatives of Naaco Plastic Joint Stock Company signed a cooperation agreement between the two parties. Accordingly, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement on the technology of production of composite roofing Composite F.R.P on the market today to offer the best products to meet the optimal conditions for all works. Representatives of Alsynite said they are [...]


NAACO has started to change the way molds are manufactured by modern equipment, combining advanced methods in a flexible, scientific way to create quality products to lead the market. F.R.P. On 08/12/2014, the ceremony of transferring equipment of plastic injection technology - fiber between Magnum Venus Products (MVP) and NAACO at Duc Hoa factory, Long An. At the transfer ceremony, MVP engineers from the USA trained and directed the molding department and conducted experiments at the factory. In the future, NAACO promises [...]


NAACO is one of the leading manufacturers of Composite F.R.P roofing tiles in Vietnam, which is trusted by domestic and foreign customers. After a long period of research on NAACO's product standards and quality, in January of this year, a major Japanese partner (we can not name it because of the confidentiality of customer information). ) has signed a contract to supply products with NAACO. Throughout the production and acceptance process, on February 10, 2015, the first RESITA corrugated roof [...]