Elita light-roofing panels have been developed to specifically counteract the harmful effects of UV rays and environmental pollution, free from yellowing or degradation such as roofing sheets made of toughened fiberglass currently on the market, Produced from modern and advanced technology of New Zealand, Elita is a product that is cost-effective made of composite materials, capable of stabilizing UV rays with the surface protected by NAACO’s special outdoor coating, helps to bring light transmission efficiency.


  • Elita is manufactured from Acrylic modified plastic system, reinforced high-grade glass fiber

  • Elita has a surface coating designed with a special formula that provides effective and long-lasting light transmission.

  • Elita has UV inhibitors NZA-5 (in build NZA-5 UV inhibitors) to help prevent yellowing and degradation of roofing.

  • Elita is shaped in the curing process to ensure bonding and durability.

  • The weather for a long time increases the self-cleaning ability.

  • The product is easy to bend, so it can be applied to be compatible with design standards.

  • Through a rigorous testing process, Elita is minimized the air bubble condition, thereby improving aesthetic, brightness and product durability.


Commercial, industrial, educational and project projects require long-term natural light standards.

Schools/kindergartens, outdoor public areas need to be well protected from UV rays


Elita products can develop corrosion protection applications in strongly corroded areas.

All Elita products can be designed into a double-layer roofing system to enhance the efficiency of insulation, sound insulation and energy saving.


  • Surface coating (weatherproof surface) with polyester has UV inhibitors and anti-yellowing or roofing degradation. In some special application situations and in corrosive environments.
  • The outer surface is waterproof and moisture-proof.


Color: Elita roofing has standard colors such as: Clear, Ice clear, Opad, Orchil.

Operating temperature:Elita’s permissible operating temperature is -40o to +110o

Weather durability:  Elita roofing has no UV inhibitory component. The product tests under the effect of UV light show a significant reduction in the effect of UV degradation and yellowing of products. Elita roof sheet has a lifespan of up to 25 years in normal weather conditions.

Safe: According to the requirements of Part 3 Plastic Standard of AS 1562: 2006, light-shaded roofing products are classified as “brittle sheets” and are not suitable for moving on the surface of roofing sheets (except for roofing cases). Elita CG Ultra-Safe). Safety net should be installed under the installation of lighted roofing panels.

Fire resistance: We can supply Elita fireproof roofing sheets. Please refer to Elita FR 25, Elita FR 50.