The Elita FR 50 is designed and manufactured as a fire-resistant, light-resistant roofing system for use in industrial and commercial buildings.

This plastic system changes the ignition point of the roofing sheet. However, please note that the products we provide in this catalog are still basically lighted / cladding sheets.


Elita FR 50 is a glass fiber reinforced fireproof roofing sheet with a special production formula, using flame retardant materials for use in commercial building applications, institutes and structures with limited requirements. Fire, fire spread, heat transfer or smoke from flame compared to traditional plastic systems.


School or academy

Public area

Areas prone to fire and explosion.

Where the emergency exit of a building is limited when a fire occurs.


BRANZ test report 4937 for Elita FR 50. Contact NAACO Plasti JSC for further advice on fire and smoke resisting plastic systems.


The current Elita FR 50 has all been reinforced with the 130 micron thick Gelcoat Exo-Set 206 SPF of Alsynite. This is a light sheet product, and gives the light the same as the Elita GC SPF4 in terms of product stability, as well as weather fastness.

The standard color of Topglass® FR 50 Plus is clear yellow and white. Can be opaque white, if there are special requirements for heat conduction and light transmission.

Elita FR 50 has a fairly limited number of wave types. For more details, please contact NAACO Plastic JSC.

According to the requirements of Part 3 Plastic Standard of AS 1562: 2006, light-shaded roofing products are classified as “Crusty Roofing” and are not suitable for moving on roofing surfaces (except roofing cases). Elita CG Ultra-Safe). Safety net should be installed under the installation of lighted roofing panels.

Elita FR 50 light roofing sheet reinforced polyester fiber manufactured by NAACO under the

technical standards of Alsynite NZ Ltd. according to AS 4256.3: 2006 JAS-ANZ, no. 2349.

Roofing sheets are produced by volume (g / m2) or thickness (mm) and according to the wave type specified in the order.

BRANZ testing report for Elita FR 50 FH 4937 October 2012. NZBC Group No. 3.

BRANZ test report for Polycarbonate FR [1-s] high-grade industrial roof sheet – FI 5603-TT November 2014.