Natural lighted roofing products are coated with revolutionary gelcoat and are revolutionized by New Zealand technology and named after the application of Elita GC SPF – Solar Protection Feature (Protection before light). sunshine). Use the unique manufacturing process close to the modern production process of sunglasses, light-transmitting roofing sheets Elita GC Sunscreen filters harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays, thereby accumulating heat and damaging rays UV on goods and factories, helps create an effective working environment


  • Provides maximum light transmission capability and prevents unwanted heat from entering the building.

  • Saving electricity and air conditioning costs, besides the need to save energy from artificial lighting.

  • Remarkably removes UVA and UVB from toxic ultraviolet fringes on the building.

  • Roofing has unique aesthetic, allowing the designer to create creative and groundbreaking designs.

  • Effective light transmission for a long time.

  • Very good warranty policy for the project.


Food and foodstuff factory


Warehouses and retail stores have food or fresh products


Trade center, supermarket, swimming pool


Paper store with bulk paper


Temperature sensitive environment has a long-term demand for high quality natural light.



Premium gelcoat EST-SET 606 weather protection layer is 100 micron thick, creating a protective film which is very effective to help the roof avoid degradation due to the direct impact of the sun.

Operating temperature for Elita GC SPF range from -30o to + 70oc

Elita GC SPF 4 and Elita GC SPF 8 can be suitable for most types of corrugated sheets and roofing panels including flat roofing sheets.

According to the requirements in the standard part 3 Plastic of AS 1562: 2006, light-shaded roofing products are classified as “brittle sheets” and are not suitable for moving on the surface of roofing sheets (except for roofing sheets). Elita CG Ultra-safe.) Should install safety net under the position of installing lighted roofing sheets.

The Elita GC SPF product has the following thickness:

  • Roofing with waves: 1800g / m2 (1.1mm) – 2660g / m2 (2.5mm)
  • Flat roofing sheet: 1800g / m2 (1.1mm) – 4000g / m2 (2.7mm)

In areas where corrosion is high, the Elita GC SPF can be manufactured in conjunction with Ester vinyl. For areas with internal corrosion such as a swimming pool, special corrosion-resistant gloss can be added to the inside of the roofing sheet.

Elita GC SPF light-shingles reinforce polyester fibers manufactured by NAACO under Alsynite technical standards according to AS 4256: 3: 2006 JAS-ANZ certificate No. 2349.

Roofing sheets are manufactured in thickness (mm) and according to the wave type specified in the order. The installation must be conducted in accordance with the requirements in AS 1562: 3: 2006, NAACO’s technical documents.

Vioac testing is performed on SPF 4 and SPF 8 Elita for applications with Single-Skin and Twin-Skin roofing systems. Measurements and calculations of solar and solar optical properties March 9, 2008. Vipac Engineers and Scientists Ltd., Melbourne Vic. Information is provided upon request.