In order to address the concern that the roofing sheets are classified as “brittle roof sheets” that lead to the risk of moving on the roof, NAACO cooperates with Alsynite New Zealand to develop a system of light-coated roofing sheets. -Coat load.

Elita GC Ultra-Safe roofing sheet , made with glass Woven Roving, is located on a plastic base, so it has a product with durability and enhanced outstanding load. Moreover, the breakthrough linkage system developed by NAACO and the cooperating provider provides maximum safety for moving feet on the roof after installation whether it is daytime, nighttime or time. vision point is limited.


  • Elita GC Ultra-Safe is manufactured by automatic reinforcement system, combined to create a special structure that other light-roofing sheets do not have.

  • passing the impact resistance test of AS / NZS and meeting the requirements of AS 4256.3, there is no need to place a safety net under the roofing sheet. This greatly facilitates the design of buildings when the corrosive environment harms galvanized safety nets.

  • With Woven Roving fibers running horizontally and vertically on roofing sheets, ELITA GC ULTRA-SAFE exhibits incredible bearing capacity.

  • Premium Gelcoat EST-SET 606 coating thickness of Alsynite gives long-lasting light transmission and is backed by 20 years of weather warranty.

  • Corrosion resistance when installed in the harshest environments.

  • Superior ability to load (spanning capabilities).

  • ELITA GC ULTRA-SAFE passes the impact resistance test, which reduces the need for safety net installation, not just as a normal lighted roofing product.

  • Safety net installation, not only acts as a normal light roofing product.


Educational institutions and public areas endanger the climbers of the roof.

Fertilizer factory

Chemical factory, powder coating.

Clean fiber facilities.

Water treatment factory.

Salt mining facilities.

The environment is salty

There is no safety net for installation of lighted roofing sheets.

Paper factory


In highly corrosive environments, Elita GC Ultra-Safe can be manufactured using Vinyl Ester systems to maximize protection. Can use Eliclad GC Ultra-Safe roofing to replace metal roofing products.


Premium Gel-coat surface finish EXO-SET 206 micron thick used in producing Elita GC Ultra-Safe for high brightness and long-term UV resistance, yellowing resistance.

Elita GC Ultra-Safe has a standard weight of 3660g / m2.

The colors of Elita GC Ultra-Safe are 2 muscle colors: Clear and Opal. We can produce colors as required with minimum order conditions.

Elita GC Ultra-Safe can be used to bend the most common wave types.

Contact Naaco technical for more details.

Although Elita GC Ultra-Safe is classified as a load-bearing type, it achieves load testing of AS 4040.4, which meets AS 4256.3 requirements, and supports foot movement, but degradation after long-term use and Impact damage can seriously affect roof performance. In order to comply with the requirements of AS 1562: 3: 2006 Part 3 Plastic, protect the weatherproof surface coating and ensure a continuous structural strength, avoiding foot movement on all FRP products, so We recommend using aluminum walkways on the roof. Please contact NAACO for further advice.

Elita GC ultra-safe roofing sheets are manufactured by NAACO under the supervision of Alsynite NZ under the certificate of AS 4256.3 JAS ANZ, license number 2349. Roofing sheets must match the waves of the designed roof and walls. ordered according to Elita GC Ultra-Safe safety installation system.