In areas with corrosive chemical vapors or salty climates, metal roofing sheets are generally only used for a short time. Meeting this demand, NAACO researched and launched Resita roofing successfully. Resita roofing sheet is made from special plastic combined with high quality glass fiber so it is resistant to corrosion from chemical vapors or saline environment. Besides, Resita roof sheet is good in strength and has a small weight. With Resita roofing works value is enhanced.


  • Plating and metallurgy factory.

  • Tanning factory.

  • Factory manufacturing fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Works in coastal areas.

  • Sauce processing factory.

  • Chemical factory.

  • Poultry meat processing factory.


Resita has a 5-year warranty. Please contact NAACO to confirm the warranty period in accordance with the usage environment.


Preserving Resita roof sheets in a well-ventilated place, not in direct light before putting them into use.

Avoid scratching the surface because it will affect the roof protection layer, Use soapy water and soft cloth to wash the surface


Lightweight - Reduce frame structure

The volume of RESITA roof sheets is very light (1.80 – 4.27 kg / m2), lighter than other types of roofing materials.
This makes transportation very convenient, saving transportation costs, especially unfavorable terrain such as mountainous areas, highlands, islands …

Especially reducing the frame structure, saving investment costs.

Aging resistance

Composed of a plastic system containing UV-resistant and double-sided protected film adhesives, Resita is resistant to aging before the impact of ambient factors.

Safety installation

During installation, light RESITA roof sheet, no electrical conductivity and no sharpness like metal roofing or other materials should be constructed safely.
The construction process is quickly due to light roofing RESITA.
Sawing roof sheets can be done according to the desired shape by hand saws.

Chemical resistance

RESITA roof sheet is made up of special polyester resin and glass fiber, it undergoes curing process to form solid horizontal joints so the material becomes inert with corrosive agents such as acid vapors, bases, organic matter and metal salts.
RESITA roof sheet does not conduct electricity so it does not happen electrochemical corrosion in the process of using as metal roofing.

RESITA roofing sheets are used in steel rolling, plating, fertilizer, animal feed, cement and rubber factories, where they produce corrosive properties of other roofing materials.


RESITA roof sheet has high mechanical properties, not broken when impacted (withstand hail, impact) and toughness.
Meets bending, tensile and mechanical properties in accordance with design standards
High rigidity and rigidity, no deformation by time of use


The product is easy to incorporate into the design. Operates in the temperature range from -10⁰C to 90⁰C.



NAACO gutter is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) so it has a full range of features that are superior to conventional gutters. The gutter surface is smooth, increasing the self-cleaning ability and quick drainage. Gutters are built to suit each construction. Please contact us for detailed information.


Covering NAACO’s roof made of fiberglass reinforced plastic material (FR P) can allow light to enter inside the building. NAACO produces according to the specifications provided by customers.


NAACO roofing sheets are manufactured in accordance with the design and technical requirements of each project. We now have more than 150 different wave types. In the case of completely new waveforms, please send us the design drawings to produce the appropriate roofing sheets. The length of the roofing sheet is cut as required, which saves a lot of costs.


Resita roofing sheet is always placed above the metal roofing sheet on both sides of the wave. In case of using intermittent roofing Natalite roof from top of roof or top of wall, Resita roofing sheet must be continuously top down. Install weather protection surface on top for roofing to use for long time and warranty period.

NAACO recommends roof slope from 10% to 15% depending on wave height and roofing method. Whirlwind, please contact NAACO for detailed instructions.

Due to the limitations of transportation and construction we can use many shorter panels combined to have the desired length. We roof each row from the roof edge to the roof

Minimum connection is 200 mm for roof and 150 mm for wall. The connecting position is on the arm. The top of the roof sheet is below 50 mm.

Screws used to fix roof sheets into purlins must have rubber gaskets to ensure no water leakage. All screw holes must be drilled to be larger so that the sheets can be stretched. Do not tighten the screw too at the ledges (wave peak), when you notice some small deformation, stop.

Bonding screws at convex edges (Peaks). Wave type has a step larger than 130mm, screw connection at all convex edges (Wave Top).

Wave type has a wavelength less than or equal to 130 mm, linking screws alternating a wave peak, leaving a wave peak

Screw connection at concave edges (Sound waves). At edge joints, screw connections on convex edges (Positive waves)

In the swirling terrain, the purlins distance is as follows:

  • Rhythms range from 100 – 150mm, the final span is 600 – 1200mm and the rhythm ranges from 800 – 1400mm

In the cyclone-free terrain, the purlins distance is as follows:

  • Rhythm ranges from 200-300mm, final span is 1000 – 1500mm and rhythm is from 1200mm – 1700mm.

Roofing sheets can be cut by cutting machine or by hand saws (requires gloves and masks).
Do not walk on GRP roofing

Make sure the weather surface of the roofing sheet is placed on the right direction and the warranty depends on the correct roofing.


Riverlite is produced by NAACO from GRP composite materials, so it can be used well in harsh environment, resistant to chemical corrosion.


The product is suitable for construction with chemical vapor corrosion. Covering the roof can give light to the building.


Sunroof made from GRP composite materials by molding method, gelcoat-protected surface, increases usage time and bearing capacity.


Sunroof made from GRP composite materials by molding method, gelcoat-protected surface, increases usage time and bearing capacity.