Ultralite is a FRP (Molded Grating) plastic product, a product with high load capacity, mechanical strength and high weather. Ultralite is widely used in the construction area, requiring safety, cooling, chemical and environmental safety.

Ultralite is considerably lighter than metal mesh and high plastic content, providing very good corrosion resistance and very low maintenance costs.


  • Ocean survey

  • Sea energy

  • Transport

  • Chemical factory

  • Water treatment

  • Floor

  • Way

  • Operation platform


  • Staircase

  • Bird cage

  • Trench

  • Shell

  • Safety fences

  • Floor

  • Construction techniques

  • Food and beverage factory


  • Anticorrosion

    Ultralite is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic, the product has excellent corrosion resistance and is superior to stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized.

  • Better load and deflection

    The one-piece molded structure provides the user with the opportunity to increase the design load by using cross support. Integrated structure of load distribution for both bearing bars and cross bars.

  • Low maintenance

    Isolation nets are easy to install and clean, they are not repainted from year to year due to its inherent corrosion resistance.

  • Easy to make

    Mold grating can be easily and quickly cut with conventional hand tools, such as masonry, carbide cutting blades or diamond edges. No need to use heavy lifting equipment or expensive equipment.

  • Anti-slip

    Sliding and falling are great enemies for workers in many different situations in the industrial sectors that can cause great disasters and great losses in everyday life. Grating provides two types of surface systems to provide maximum slip resistance for most applications, concave peaks and grit peaks.

  • Comfortable work

    Workers will become tired after a long time standing on solid concrete and steel podium. Grating built-in resilience in the best solution to reduce worker stress and can provide superior comfort.

Other positive features:

  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • Long life
  • Shock resistance
  • Not magnetic.


  1. 1007 x 1007 x 40 (mm) (Length x Width x Height)
  2. 2007 x 1007 x 40 (mm) (Length x Width x Height)
  3. 3007 x 1007 x 40 (mm) (Length x Width x Height)


Plastic type Plastic name Describe Resistance to corrosion Spread of fire


Color Maximum temperature
Type VE Vinyl  Ester High corrosion resistance and fire resistance Excellent Class 1,10 or less Dark Gray 230°F/110°C
Type I lsophthalic Polyester For high corrosion resistance and fire retardant K Very good Class, 25 or less Gren,  Yellow,  Light Gray 221°F/1105°C
Type F lsophthalic Polyester In the food industry High corrosion resistance and fire resistance Very good Class 1,30 or less Light Gray, Green 221°F/105°C
Type 0 Orthophthalic Moderate corrosion resistance and fire resistance Medium Class 1,25 or less Green.Dark, Gray,Yellow Light Gray 212°F/100°C


Type VE is a premium vinylester resin with 10 times less flame spread rate for applications that require more fire resistance. Such as protecting machines.

Type I is a high-quality isophthalic polyester resin with a flame spread of 25 or less. Offering a good level of chemical resistance and is an accurate choice for grating the impact and exposure to harsh chemicals, is a very good plastic at a lower cost than premium vinylester plastic.

Type F is a polyester resin in the high-end food industry with a fire spread rate of 30 or less, containing no hazardous ingredients and certified by the plastic manufacturer.

Type O is a very economical orthophthalic polyester resin with a spread rating of 25 or less, providing moderate corrosion resistance and fire resistance. This mesh is used in moderate environments. such as waste water applications.


  • Type L: L Clips Type – For use in mesh protection to support frames.
  • M-Type: M-   Type Holding Down Clips Designed to fix the mesh on the support support structure rotating in four directions.
  • Ki To u C:   Type C Clips-Apply to connect two adjacent grid bar.